Salon Apprentice

Salon Apprentice ID# 60909

Free Haircuts
Exclusive offer for Salon Apprentice!! Offering complimentary haircuts as I transition from the salon world to private bookings. Color also available. Check out my insta @handymanofhair Here's a little about myself! Handyman of Hair ™ (Nico Malabett) Nicolas Malabett Pineda: I’m proud to help my clients achieve the best “hair renovation” of their life. Much like a handyman, my approach to hair includes building a strong foundation, repairing when needed, redesigning or renovating when desired, and even incorporating DIY maintenance. Plant-Based: I prioritize naturally-derived, eco-conscious products that are better for both the environment and your hair (it’s a personal passion of mine - my background is in sustainability!) Harmony & Balance: My work will always complement your natural beauty as I strategize cuts and styles according to your face shape and natural features. As the Handyman of Hair, I look forward to using my skills to build a strong, sustainable future for the ever-evolving world of haircare. #handymanofhair Woohooo
New York
Union square
Union square