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Salon Apprentice ID# 59023

Let’s Create the best suitable haircut for you.
Welcome, so glad you can make it! Im currently looking for models that are looking to transform or step into their natural texture. Being a curly woman myself I understand the difficulties and struggles that Curly hair can bring, BUT that being said I'm here to help make it easier on you, give you guidance and some more structure that may be missing in your routine. Not only am I looking for Haircut models but I am also looking for models that are interested in styling alone. Styling would include wash, and diffuse: this would be a service for mainly trying out new curly products, styling techniques, or just social media content. These are the two services I am looking to do but If you're interested in anything else such as color feel free let me know. Haircut model fee: $75 Styling: $25 Also looking for models to do a silk press on! -Following photos are of my previous work. - feel free to email me at kiarancruz9@gmail or contact me through my instagram kiaranaomihair
Gem House
New York
35 greenpoint ave