Working Stylist Looking For Color/Cut Model For Photos
Hello! I am a working stylist looking for a model that will allow me to have some creative freedom with their hair. The services will be at a reduced cost from my usual service pricing. I am looking to achieve looks similar to the photos I have attached to this listing! I'm willing to have some input from the model on color/cut, but I would ultimately like a fantasy colored "money piece" with a contrasting color on the rest of the hair paired with a medium to long haircut! The cost for the service will be: Haircut $30 (normal price $60 and up) Color $70 (normal price $140 and up)
Female & Male
Cut & Color
30 for cut/70 for color
Noon Tuesday the 15th or noon Thursday the 17th
2007 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60612
The salon is located on grand at the cross street of Damen! There is free parking and easy public transportation via Damen CTA and Grand CTA buses.
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