Amazing model possibilities!
Hello again beautiful people! If you could change anything about your hair, what would it be? I am so happy to be back in the salon after months of being closed. I am honored to inform you all that I am still taking models! I will be taking models for the next few months, but if you are about a luxury salon experience on a budget, book with me! I am currently looking for specific models for the following: 2 Single Process Models ($65) 1 Face frame highlight/balayage model ($98) 1 Half head highlight/balayage model ($126) 2 3/4 half head highlight/balayage models ($143) Prices goes as follows: Haircut: $50 Shampoo/Blowdry: $40 Single Process Color: $65 Toner $27.50 Full Highlight/Balayage: $128 3/4 Highlight/Balayage: $115 Half Highlight/Balayage: $98 Face Frame Highlight/Balayage: $68 Double process: $118 I would be so honored to have you in my chair! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions! You may contact me through: INSTAGRAM: “mariexhair” EMAIL: “[email protected]” I look forward to working with you! Have a great day! Thank you, Marie from Steel and Lacquer
Steel + Lacquer
San Francisco
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Listed in AD
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